Stand Your Ground Law Upheld

Shareholder Felicia Galati successfully obtained summary judgment in a wrongful death case of a minor based on NRS 200.120, Nevada’s stand your ground law. The decedent broke into the client’s home and was shot and killed. The decision was confirmed upon dismissal of the appeal.



Plaintiff Expert Excluded

On February 26, 2018, shareholder Michael Federico successfully argued before District Court Judge Michelle Leavitt to have Plaintiff’s liability expert excluded in a trip and fall case. In that matter, the expert had opined that the lighting in the Linq Casino’s parking garage fell below the standard of care and the use, placement and color of a wheel stop was unreasonably unsafe.



Defense Verdict in Brain Injury Case

Shareholders Jim Olson and Max Corrick, and Associate Attorney Stephanie Zinna, obtained a total defense verdict in a Brain Injury case.  Both liability and damages were disputed.  After a 5+ week jury trial, the jury returned their verdict in favor of a national non-profit organization in less than an hour.  Plaintiffs were seeking over $28 million dollars in damages.



Defense Verdict for Retail Store

Senior Shareholder Jim Olson and Associate Attorney Stephanie Zinna tried a case to verdict where the Plaintiff tripped over a stocking cart at a retail store, claiming she did not see the large cart. Based upon this fall, she claimed substantial medical damages. Jim and Stephanie successfully argued the cart was open and obvious and not inherently dangerous. Plaintiff requested over $2,000,000 at trial, and the jury rendered a complete unanimous defense verdict.



Summary Judgment Granted

Senior Shareholder Mike Stoberski and Associate Attorney Brandon Smith obtained summary judgment for a client based on a worker’s compensation immunity defense. The client hired a subcontractor as additional labor for rigging a zip line. The plaintiff received workers compensation as an employee of the subcontractor, but sued the client for his injuries. Ultimately, the Court found that the client was a statutory employer under the Meers test and was therefore immune from suit under Nevada’s Industrial Insurance Act.



US District Court Grants Motion to Dismiss on behalf of Clark County, Nevada

Shareholder Felicia Galati obtained a dismissal in a §1983, §1985, and §1986 case on behalf of Clark County, Nevada. Plaintiff sought federal review of state court orders in custody and child dependency proceedings. The Court granted the Motion to Dismiss the entire action because it lacked subject matter jurisdiction under Rooker-Feldman. The Court further found that even if it were to find it had jurisdiction, Plaintiff failed to allege any specific or adequate facts to support his claims.



Resort Hotel Not Responsible For Injuries

Senior shareholder John Gormley and shareholder Michael Federico represented Paris Las Vegas in defending against a personal injury claim arising out of the Plaintiff’s use of a forklift at the property. The Plaintiff blamed Paris Las Vegas for his alleged injuries and was seeking over one million dollars in damages. After a week in trial, John and Michael were able to convince the jury that the resort was not responsible for the incident, and the jury returned a defense verdict in favor of Paris Las Vegas.



Dentist Cleared in Dental Board Complaint

Senior Shareholder Jim Olson and associate attorney Stephanie Zinna defended a dentist against claims alleging improper care and mistreatment of patients. Based on the defense presented, the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners completely exonerated the doctor of all complaints.



Clients Not Responsible for Title Company Going Out of Business

Senior Shareholder Mike Stoberski and Associate Attorney Emily Montgomery obtained a defense verdict for their real estate agent and broker clients who were sued over plaintiff’s funds that were taken by a title company that shut its doors in 2011. The jury determined the clients were not responsible for the loss of the funds.



Real Property dispute over penthouse price results in Defense Verdict

Senior Shareholder Mike Stoberski and associate attorney Emily Montgomery obtained a defense verdict after a two week jury trial in a real estate matter where the Plaintiffs were suing their real estate agent and broker alleging that they purchased a top floor penthouse unit in 2009 and paid too much money for the unit.  The jury determined that the unit was worth what the Plaintiffs paid for it in 2009 and suffered no damages as a result of any of the conduct of their agent and broker.