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As one of Nevada’s oldest and most respected law firms, we will continue to pursue its goal and driving force to provide professional and responsive legal services to its clients in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

In this pursuit, the Firm will remain sensitive to our clients’ needs and requests through the employment of legal staff members who not only have academic distinction, but who also adopt the Firm’s mission.

As repeatedly emphasized by the board of directors… “Let’s never forget who we work for, and let’s never forget what’s best for the client.”

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In Remembrance:
Walter R. Cannon:
12/26/1946 – 7/1/2024

Heaven itself is a brighter place today with the recent passing of Walter R. Cannon on July 1, 2024. Walt (or Wally, as he was affectionately known) was a leading attorney in the State of Nevada for many years. Born on December 26, 1946, in St. Paul Minnesota as Walter Russell Bailey, Jr., Walt was raised by his beloved mother—Ruth—and his equally loved stepfather—Barney Cannon. When he reached 18, Walt asked if Barney would adopt him and legally changed his last name to Cannon—which he proudly wore throughout the remainder …



Stand Your Ground Law Upheld

Shareholder Felicia Galati successfully obtained summary judgment in a wrongful death case of a minor based on NRS 200.120, Nevada’s stand your ground law. The decedent broke into the client’s home and was shot and killed. The decision was confirmed upon dismissal of the appeal.